Monday, December 17, 2007

Thing #23 What Did You Learn From This Experience?

I really enjoyed posting pictures up on the web and it was interesting to think about how we could use these tools to better engage our customers (see my post about podcasts). I hadn't stopped to look at a lot of the new things on the Internet for a while, and I was glad for this opportunity.

I'm probably going to spend some more time looking at our electronic collection, too. I really hadn't paid any attention to it, until I realized that we had Douglas Adams.

It was fun to try to see the Big Picture of how we can make these Web 2.0 tools work for the library and IF we should make them work for the library. The half hour of work time per week really wasn't enough to do it properly, though. I think we should allow people to budget more time for this program, should we offer it again. Would I do something like this? Yes, I probably would. (I think I'm going to maintain this blog and put more information about the books I'm reading on it, so I can keep track of them all, share ideas for readalikes, etc.)

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hood_and_hat said...

I was hoping people would decide to continue their blogs. I'm going to keep updating mine too.