Friday, January 27, 2017

New Year's Resolutions part 2...or Women's March on Washington resolutions

I enjoyed the March on Washington and I feel quite energized to actually continue marching. I had already been recruited into the Resistance but it was so good to know that over two million people worldwide agreed with my disapproval -- no, my disgust -- with "the orange one."

I was glad my cousin offered me and Mom a ride down to D.C. I was happy for the family bonding time, and spending it at a political march was too perfect. My Mom recruited me into the women's movement early. If I had a picture of me at the march celebrating the Roe v. Wade decision, I would post it, but I don't.

I do have this picture of me.

The crowd was amazing. I haven't seen any news stories dismissing the Women's March as too young, too old, too white, etc., which I take as a good sign that the march was representative of our country as a whole. Yes, I've seen a few posts about some women's bad experiences, and while I didn't see anything in particular I'm not going to deny these things happened. (I wasn't completely sure that I didn't witness something in the Million Micro-Aggressions March post.) However the organizers handed out leaflets to use the inertia for a good cause. So now I have a list of ten things to do in the next 100 days (or 95, given that it's now Thursday, January 26th. However, they push for printing them using THEIR software, and I've already read an essay telling me that I don't NEED fancy card stock quality paper for postcards. I can go buy 4x6 index cards and use them. I've even checked the USPS site and confirmed this. So I *could* just address them all to Senators Schumer and Gillibrand and have a few on hand for Representative Clarke and just be able to write my elected officials whenever it seems appropriate (which is more and more often).

Because things are getting scary out there. A friend used Facebook to post a link to H.R. 193, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017, which would remove the United States of America from the United Nations if it passes. That is an awful idea, and I don't want to think about who would think it is a good idea to remove the world's sole super power from an organization dedicated to maintaining international peace and security. I used this blog to help people who thought their representative MIGHT be behind this bill, in the hopes that people would call, email, contact in any way, the members of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs to say, "What the goddamned fuck is this?!?"

Yesterday I went to a gallery to see Nancy Chunn's installation Chicken Little and the Culture of Fear and it was both terrifying and fascinating. It is so easy to get hooked into the crowd and start following. Perhaps the best way to protect ourselves is to ensure that we *know* when we start getting carried away and take a moment to contemplate. (When you start running, pull back, sit on the sidelines and THINK about what you're doing!)

The March on Washington was to gather the women who are scared by what President Trump has promised (and has started) to do as President. It was an attempt to say "We do NOT support you, we ARE here." Even if Trump tweets "Why didn't they vote?" we can say, "but we did and you LOST the popular vote." It was an attempt to build momentum, and to get people out from behind their computers and out of their houses to see what momentum could look like. It's important to see how many people (over 3 million worldwide) do NOT support the President and are scared of what he has promised to do. President Obama has started a foundation and you can get involved through that.

Despair is easy. Don't fall prey to it. We can only make a better world if we get off our asses and try.


Marcia Z. Nelson said...

Hi Christie, Thanks for your report. I used to work with your mother. I was at the Chicago march. Keep writing and resisting.

Red Emma said...

You were in a front baby-carrier at seven months at that rally to celebrate Roe v. Wade in front of the Federal Courthouse in Lower Manhattan. And I don't think there is a photo of it, alas.