Saturday, November 17, 2007

Technocrati or the World Live Web? Thing #14

World Live Web? Oh, please. First there was ARPANET, created by the Department of Defense in order to create a communication network that had several means of distributing information from one computer to another. ARPANET was more likely to survive a Nuclear attack than our telephone system because there was no centralized source that would be destroyed. Then, in the 1990s we created the World Wide Web, a graphical user interface for displaying information. The World Wide Web was always static, because people could put up webpages at any time, and change them whenever they wanted.

I don't even know how Technocrati is tagging the blogs it's tagging. The Widgets are of no value to me. I don't care what everyone else is looking for right now, I only want to find what I'm looking for. Again, Show Me They Money! (with all due respect to Tom Cruise and Jerry Maguire.)

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